You are what you eat.

Not a complicated idea, and one we have certainly heard before. As humans, we adapt and change based on what we consume.

If we eat bad food, we’ll be unhealthy.

If we are around people who use bad language, we’ll eventually start slipping into cussing.

If we watch porn, are we really going to respect and honor women? (Topic for another day.)

And, of course it works the other way – if we consume good things, we’ll be more healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc.

But, “you are what you eat” can be especially tough when it comes to the media that we consume.

Today, we’re going to specifically talk about music. Music is a tricky one because pop songs can sometimes have lyrics that we don’t believe in but a tune or beat that is catchy and addictive. If you choose to avoid ‘pop’ music, you’re basically left with classical or corny.

It can be difficult to find good, wholesome music with the same level of production and catchiness as today’s pop.

So with that, we’ve got our first Be the Men music recommendationJosh Garrels.

Josh Garrels not only has an unbelievably unique sound to his music, but you can often pick up Christian themes. His lyrics are deep, meaningful, and often so many layers you can dig into.

If you want to see for yourself, here’s a personal favorite, At the Table.



Be the Men.

A couple other popular songs of Garrels: Beyond the Blue and Farther Along.

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