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Tell a story. At the heart of Summons is story telling. Writing is a way to share a part of our own story. So many ideas and articles come from the fruits of our own prayer life, our own questions, or own struggles. Share that story. Because chances are if you experienced it, someone else has too.

Be original. Don’t just copy someone else. Find your voice.

Got New ideas? Fantastic. We’re always open to new ideas. Movie reviews? Book reviews? Practical tips? Whatever you’ve got, let us know! 


Length: 500-1500 Words. (There’s some flexibility here. We don’t want to go too far over 1500 words though). 

Perpetual license. When you submit an article, we have a perpetual license to publish that article in Summons and on our website. 

Exclusivity. If you submit your article to us, we ask that you do not submit it anywhere else. It’s fine if your articles appear on your own website or blog. 

*Note: Please try to have your article as close to a final draft as possible. That being said, we’re happy to have a little back and forth, rounds of edits, etc. to polish things up. 

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