As a parent, I’m constantly reminded that my kids (and other people’s kids for that matter), are works in progress.

They’re not perfect. They throw tantrums, don’t share, have frustrating tendencies, etc. It’s not (always) a reflection on their parents, it’s often just where they are in life.

The same is true for all of us. We are all works in progress.

Like kids, we’re all just trying to figure stuff out. We’re trying to learn and grow. Some of us might be further along in some areas, but catching up in others. But, no one is a completed masterpiece.

It’s all a process and a journey, one in which we walk with others. We get help and give help.

In the past few weeks, I’ve encountered a couple of people who are ‘practicing Catholics’ but who seem to be living lives in clear contradiction of what the Church teaches on a couple of big issues.

And while my first reaction is just perplexity, confusion, and a bit of frustration, it’s important to remember that we don’t actually know where they are, we don’t know what’s going on in their hearts.

In these cases, we must remember that we don’t have to beat people over the head with the truth, but by no means should we hide it or water it down. For their sake, and for our own, we must speak the truth lovingly, understanding that just like us, they are works in progress.

Our words may not bear fruit today, but we should still plant the seed.


Be the Men,


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