I want to take today to share a prayer with you. I invite you to test it out in your own life. It’s called… the Our Father

Okay, obviously, everyone knows the Our Father. But, how often do we find ourselves treating this prayer as ‘old news’? We fall into the trap of thinking our own words are more eloquent, more powerful, etc. Even if we don’t explicitly believe this, what do our actions say?

I’ll admit, in my own prayer life, I fall prey to this. With good intention, I try to string together the most beautiful combinations of words that the Lord has ever heard. I like to think that it comes from a place of love, but it’s also so limited. 

The irony is that this simple prayer, the Our Father, is written by the Word of God, Himself. He who is Wisdom, Truth,  Beauty, Goodness. How could we possible outdo Him? The prayers of man are certainly not bad or evil, but they pale in the light of the words of our Savior. 

Moreover, it’s important to remember in what context Christ gives us this prayer. In response to the disciple’s request: “Lord, teach us to pray.” If we were around during that time, wouldn’t we ask the same thing? Don’t we want the same thing now? 

It’s not just for kids, for the uneducated, for those spiritually inferior. The Our Father is for all of us. And, what an amazing gift it is! To be able to address our Creator and our Father in the words of His Son. 

As St. Louis De Monfort said: “It is impossible to imagine that such a good Father could refuse a request couched in the language of so worthy a Son, reinforced by His merits, and made at His behest.” 

How can we ignore this? 

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