Today’s the feast day of the apostles, St. Philip and St. James, two men who answered the call of Christ.


These two men, like all the twelve, preached, taught, and performed miracles, but at a basic level – they were witnesses.


When we look at all of the Saints, you couldn’t find a more diverse group of people. Saints come from any and every walk of life, regardless of wealth, race, nationality, skills, intelligence. But, all of them lived their lives for Christ. They were witnesses.


The call that the apostles and all of the Saints received and answered is the same call for us.


To be witnesses. To live and share the truth of Jesus Christ as we have experienced it. We speak that truth with words and with our lives. No matter where that might take us.


It’s easy to think – I could never be like them, I’m too (fill in the blank), or I’m not (fill in the blank).


But, the path to Sainthood starts with a simple yes – opening the doors to God’s grace. The apostles and saints aren’t honored in the Church because of their own strength, but because of their openness to God’s will and their reliance on His strength.  


Will we say yes? Will we be witnesses?


Be the Men.

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