My Father-in-law (shoutout) recently shared this with the family, and I wanted to pass it along here. At a men’s conference, the Archbishop of Philadelphia gave an address titled: Why Men Matter.

The Church is facing some difficult times, and during such times, we often ask: what can we do? Do we as men even matter in a culture that seems afraid of masculinity?

Archbishop Chaput addresses that question for us.  I’ve pulled a couple of quotes below, but I highly recommend if you have time to read the full article here.

“It’s an odd question to ask, isn’t it.  Why do men matter?  In a healthy time and culture, we wouldn’t need to ask, because the answer is obvious.  The role of good men is to provide, to protect, to build, to lead, and to teach, both by our words and by the example of our lives.  None of these things is exclusive to men, of course.  Women can do all of these things in their own way, with their own particular genius.  But men have the special responsibility to create a secure and just society where new life can grow and thrive to ensure the human future.”

“Men need a challenge.  Men need to test and prove their worth.  Men feel most alive when they’re giving themselves to some purpose higher than their own comfort.  This is why young men join the Marines or Rangers or SEALs.  They do it not despite it being hard, but exactly because it’s hard; because it hurts; because they want to be the best and earn a place among brothers who are also the very best.  Men joined the early Capuchins and Jesuits not to escape the world but to transform it; to convert the world by demanding everything a man had – every drop of his energy, love, talent and intelligence — in service to a mission bigger and more important than any individual ego or appetite.”

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