Why are you here?

Sorry, not here reading this, but here on this earth? Why are you alive?

In our country, there’s no shortage of people that seem to be wandering aloof, floating around in space, believing that life has no greater purpose or meaning.

Without purpose or meaning, why get up in the morning?

If we don’t want to fall in with this lot, we must ask ourselves… what’s our purpose?

What’s our mission? What are we passionate about? What motivates us?

If we want to be virtuous men, we need purpose.

We will act with virtue when we realize that to achieve our purpose we must be courageous, and disciplined, and live life with integrity.

It’s like the difference between working out and training. In training, we have a purpose, a goal, and we will sacrifice to reach it. It’s hard to be disciplined and motivated when our goal is just ‘working out.’

As Catholics, our end goal is sainthood. What are we willing to do to get there? How are we using our individual time, talents, and treasures to reach that goal?

Be the Men.

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