In the 1300s, Christ appeared to St. Catherine of Siena saying: “Do you know, daughter, who you are, and who I am? If you know these things, you will be blessed. You are she who is not; whereas I am He who is.

At times in our lives, we don’t always grasp this idea. We rely on ourselves – striving for sainthood by our own strength.

But as Christ said, it’s in knowing our place in relationship with God where we become blessed. Another word for knowing our place is humility.

There is nothing more humbling than the realization that we are in fact nothing, and apart from Christ we can do nothing.

But, the key phrase there is ‘apart from Christ.’

We are nothing, but God who is everything loves us and wants us to be with Him.

This knowledge drives our thoughts and actions.

Our faith life flows from knowing that we are sinners in need of a savior. That we are lowly creatures, responding with praise and give thanks to our Creator. Acts of charity toward neighbor stem from the blessings and graces we have received but certainly don’t deserve.

If you know these things, you will be blessed.” It starts with knowing who we are, and who God is.


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