One of my daughter’s favorite books is the Story of Saint John Paul II: A boy who became Pope. Throughout this book, JPII’s mother, brother, and father continue to ask him: Who do you love the most?

At the end of this life, we’ll stand before our maker and we’ll be asked the same question: who do you love the most?

If God asked us that right now, what would we say? Would we like our honest answer?

The challenge we face in this life is loving God more than our wives, or our parents, or our children, even more than we love ourselves. (Especially, more than ourselves!)

Think about that for a second: Loving someone more than we love ourselves. That’s a big ask.

How do we even begin to do that – especially when that someone is not a human being physically in front of us. God is so unlike any other person we love. He can seem so distant.

We try to communicate through prayer, but it can seem like a chore, and it’s dry. We don’t feel anything.

But, in those times when we don’t feel anything, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity.

That’s the time to buckle down and persevere in prayer. It’s then that our actions tell God that we are choosing to love him even when we don’t feel like it, when we don’t want to.

And, that is true love.

So…who do you love most?


Be the Men.