Crisis and tragedy will affect all of us at some point. It’s a fact of life. In those times of darkness, we hope to respond with Faith, with turning to God for help.

In those moments, we realize that we aren’t in control, that no matter how badly we want things to be different or better, we are powerless. So, we turn to the Higher power. Or, at least we should.

Sometimes, we get angry at God, and our faith waivers.

But the reality is that no matter what’s going on in our lives, we’re not in control. As much as we want to think we are.

And that’s why it’s important the we turn to God always, not just when crisis strikes.

We must break the habit of praying only when we need something. When we want God to do something for us.

Let prayer also be a time of praise and thanksgiving, basking in the Sunlight. And, when storms come, let us turn to Him for shelter and refuge.

Be the Men.

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