What lies are we being fed?

Yesterday, we talked about how Google and Facebook will display articles, videos, websites, that they think we want to see.

Continuing that conversation, this whole phenomena gets a lot more complicated when we consider a pretty simple truth – we’re impressionable.

What we read, watch, view, consume influences us – for better or worse. This in itself isn’t a bad thing. We can read heroic tales of bravery, and be affected, positively. That’s amazing.

But, this can also take a turn for the worse when the fact that we are impressionable is exploited.

Here’s a bit of a mental exercise – can you think of a mainstream TV show or movie that doesn’t promote casual sex, but actually upholds the virtue of chastity? I’m sure there are some out there, but shows that promote casual sex are a dime a dozen.

Either Hollywood is also trying to show us what they think we want to see, or they’re showing us what they want us to see.

In either case, as men of Faith in a secular country, we need to be aware of what we’re being fed.


Be the Men.

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