This week’s challenge is to reflect each day on our actions with a special focus on virtue. For today, let’s focus on one particular virtue that many of us struggle with, and that’s Patience.

The world is training us for instant gratification. Look around. Fast food. Amazon Prime. Netflix. Our ‘needs’ (or desires) can be met instantly. This can have dangerous consequences – namely, a false feeling that we are in control.

And, when situations come up that are out of our control, we sometimes feel this overwhelming (often anger inducing) impatience.

When we are faced with suffering or annoyances (no matter how big or small) our reaction is to do everything possible to free ourselves from the situation. Waiting on your wife to get ready, sitting in traffic, suffering through a boring presentation – we are missing a huge opportunity to grow in virtue.

St. Philip Neri once complained to God in prayer about having to put up with a very annoying person. Jesus answered St. Philip’s prayer, “Philip, you have asked for patience. Here is the means of acquiring it.”

In order to grow in patience, we must accept the means God gives us to do so.

The fact is that we are not in control. Each day presents new trials for us. And, the solution is not to be freed from these trials, but to embrace them with patience.

Certainly easier said than done, but a challenge worth accepting.

Be the Men.

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