If you haven’t noticed by now, men’s and women’s brains are vastly different.

I’ve heard it described a number of ways. My favorite is Waffles versus Spaghetti.

Men’s brains are like waffles – there are little neat squares or compartments for everything. Despite whatever is going on, we can go into one square and intently focus on that one thing to get the task done.

Women’s brains on the other hand are like spaghetti – they can think about multiple things and multitask better than men. They can be worried about the kids, dinner, finances, and whether their friend is upset with them all at once.

The scientific explanation tells us that men have more nerve connections within a hemisphere of their brain, while women have more connections between hemispheres. Pretty interesting.

What happens when we view the faith in light of these differences?

We can see that (many times) women can be more inclined to let faith permeate their whole lives, because it’s all connected.

Meanwhile, for us men, our faith can become just another box. Our faith doesn’t connect to our work, or our finances, etc.

This is the challenge for us. Because faith is not supposed to be another square, it’s supposed to be the waffle. Faith isn’t another spoke on the wheel, it’s the center where all the spokes meet.

We don’t leave our faith at the door when we go to work, when we go to the store, or when we come home.


Be the Men.

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