Our attention is a hot commodity in the world today. Everyone wants it. From media companies, to politicians, to sports, everyone wants our attention and wants to keep it.

And it’s a lot more than people just saying ‘hey, listen to me.’ It’s built into our culture.

Social media platforms are designed to keep us scrolling, movies are made to keep us occupied for almost 3 hours, Netflix works to keep us watching.

For these types of businesses, keeping our attention equals making money. That’s a bit scary when you think about it.

We can also start to see how as a culture – we train ourselves to be attention-deficit. We can’t give two things our undivided attention, so with endless options, we end up bouncing from one thing the next.

The result (among many) is that prayer often goes by the wayside. And, while we can mindlessly watch a movie or scroll through Facebook, we can’t mindlessly pray.

God deserves our full attention. And, in many ways, that’s all prayer is – giving our undivided attention to God. We need not complicate it.

But, to do that, we must first be aware of what is hijacking our attention from God. From there, we can learn to turn our undivided gaze toward our Creator.

Our attention is a hot commodity. Others want it, but God deserves it.


Be the Men,


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