Yesterday, I was reading an article about the abortion decision in Ireland, and made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments section. Needless to say as a Catholic, what I saw was not very uplifting or encouraging.

It’s times like that when I frankly feel exhausted – just tired of the never ending battle that rages in our world, feeling constantly on the defensive. As Catholics or people simply holding views that have been deemed true for thousands of years, we’re outcasts at best. More common – we’re labelled as bigots, racists, sexists, homophobes, you name it.

In these moments, it’s so easy to despair. The world is going in a direction that seems impossible to turn back from.

And while we shouldn’t let times like this squash our zeal and desire to fight for truth, we must also remember that we were not made for this world.

If our culture, country, or world is going off the deep end, that doesn’t change the fact that our destination is Heaven. True north remains true north.

So, let us hold strong in the faith, encouraging one another. Trusting in God’s plan, in his ability to bring good out of evil, and in his ultimate triumph.


Be the Men,


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