For some, talking about the topic of Vocation may sound a bit boring, especially if you went to Catholic School or CCD. There could be a little bit of “Yeah, yeah, I get it.” However, understanding vocation is extremely important for all Catholics but especially as men. 

To start, just so everyone’s on the same page – by vocation, we’re talking about our state in life that is the avenue by which we are called to know, love, and serve God, and ultimately reach Heaven. For example, my vocation, or path to Heaven, is being a husband and father. And, I bet most of you reading this are in the same boat (or some day will be). 

If you remember back to your religion classes, vocations typically include: the Priesthood, Religious life, Single Life, and Married Life. 

Maybe fleshing this out is something we’ll revisit in another reflection, but for today, I want to pose a simple question that I have been asking myself recently:

Does my career serve my vocation; or, does my vocation serve my career?

In other words, which gets top billing in my life?

You may be thinking – well aren’t they the same thing? In short, no. Our career is the work we do. But, our vocation is much higher than that (or it should be). 

For me, my job helps to fulfill my vocation as husband and father. But, I’m not getting to Heaven because I’m a good employee. 

The problem is that our culture gives it to us backwards – telling us that there’s greater value in our work than in being a husband and father. It’s no wonder there’s a crisis of manhood, declining marriages, and a lack of good dads. 

Maybe, it’s time we reevaluate our lives and get our house in order.

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