Each and every day is a gift from God, and it’s given for a purpose: to gain Heaven. And, the key to living every day guided by this purpose is living in the present moment.

So often, we forget this. We either live in the past, never letting go of the glory days, suffering with regrets, or what could have been. Or, we obsess over the future, over where we want to be, what might be.

But, we can’t change the past, and to paraphrase Christ – the future will handle itself.

The only thing we can control is the present. The decision that we face always – is what to do with this moment. 

With every present moment, there’s an opportunity cost. There’s something else we could be doing, or maybe something else we should be doing.

And, when we view prayer in this context, we can see that prayer is simply a decision to offer this very moment to God – not some future moment that might not come. But, right now, this moment, we are choosing to spend with God over everything else.

This magic moment – truly the only time we have.


Be the Men,





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