The world needs heroes.

It’s hard to find heroes to root for in today’s world. It seems like the list of celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc accused of sexual assault grows daily (let alone drugs, corruption, and who knows what else). It’s a reminder that behind the facade are flaws, just like the rest of us.

We are so attracted to the facade because we all want to be the hero. To throw the winning pass, to save the day, to change the world. It’s the kind of stuff that fills our daydreams and gets our hearts racing.

But, those “once in a lifetime” moments aren’t what make heroes. And, we should be thankful for that.

Heroes are people who do the right thing when it’s easier not to. 

We don’t need to win Super Bowls, or hold office, or play heroes in movies. We just need to do the right thing when it’s easier not to.

Now, of course that’s still easier said than done. But that’s the challenge – to defend the truth when it’s easier to be quiet, to step in when it’s easier to stand by, to own up when it’s easier to push the blame, to bear the burden when it’s easier to walk away.

And, while we should look for the best in people, we’re reminded that there’s truly one hero to strive to emulate. He was scourged, beaten, mocked, humiliated, abandoned, crucified and died – when it would have been a lot easier if he would have said “You’ve got the wrong guy. I didn’t do or say those things.”


Be the Men.

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