Our lives are a war against sin, and we will lose many battles. We will give into temptation, and sin, driving that wedge between us and God.

But, in those moments, all is not lost. In those moments, we must dust ourselves off and get back up on that horse. We must repent.

Repenting by definition means that we are turning away from evil and turning back toward the good. By failing to repent, we’re allowing the enemy to run rampant in our hearts. We allow sin to fester in our souls. With deadly consequences.

Refusing to repent, we not only experience the natural effects of sin (sinful pleasures), but we are choosing to let that sin become a habit and a vice. And, it becomes harder and harder to break that habit.

We become addicted to sin. We let evil become our ‘good’ that must be fulfilled, and the real good is seen as ‘evil’ because it keeps us away from our (sinful) desires. (We can see this in our culture today).

This is an extremely dangerous place to be in. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” Is 5:20. As we dive deeper and deeper into this abyss, it’s more and more difficult to find our way back out.

Therefore, it is our duty and our job in this battle to resist sin with total effort, and when we fall, to get back up again and again and again.

Be the Men.

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