In 2001, Jack Black starred in Shallow Hal, a movie where he gets hypnotized by Tony Robbins so he sees a person’s inner beauty (instead of their physical appearance). If you’ve never seen the movie, you honestly don’t need to.

The movie puts more emphasis on the issue of how we view women, which is a whole topic in itself. But, I want to take that idea from the film and put it into context for us – what would our bodies look like if its appearance was determined by our souls?

If Hal looked at us, what would we look like? Would we be ugly? Beautiful? Ordinary?

Our culture puts so much emphasis on how we look. There’s certainly a healthy balance between vanity and carelessness when it comes to our bodies. But, what about the other half – the soul.

What are we doing each day to develop a healthy soul?

If someone were described as a “Beautiful Soul” – what or who comes to mind?

The challenge this week is to embrace silence at least once per day. If you need some food for thought, contemplate the soul, its appearance, and the end goal.

Be the Men.

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