What role does truth play in our lives? In all our actions (or inactions), we should consider this question.

An example here might help.

I know that I waste time on social media. I tell myself that it’s helping me wind down, but afterward, I feel no more relaxed. There are other, better things I could do to relax or be productive. This is true for me, but this truth doesn’t always manifest itself in my actions. I don’t always let that truth penetrate my life. Even something as minuscule as how we spend our time waiting to get a haircut actually has significance.

Whether it’s social media or Netflix or whatever, we must start living out the truths that we know and believe. And, it will and should start small. We must start living out the little truths in our lives – letting our actions reflect our beliefs.

Otherwise, we fall into a pattern of living contrary to what we profess to believe (sound familiar?)

Start small. Do the little things. And, when the time comes, we will live our life according to the big Truth, Christ Himself.

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