For many dioceses and parishes, this is the time of year for the priestly shuffle. Priests are reassigned, saying goodbye to current parishes, and hello to new ones. These changes are not always easy for the shepherd or the flock.

Maybe, we’re losing our favorite priest, the man who guided us into the faith. Or, we’re getting a priest known for his less than riveting homilies. Or, maybe this year, the status quo remains at our parish.

But, it’s times like this when we must remind ourselves of a simple truth.

We don’t go to Mass for the homily, or the music, or the pancake social afterwards. Those things are important and have their place – but, we go to Mass for Christ. We come to encounter Him, to receive Him.

Whether we like our priest or not, at the end of the day a priest is a priest – acting in persona Christi, in the person of Christ.

And, that doesn’t change if he’s got an accent, or his homilies are long, or he has a bad singing voice. Do those things challenge us – absolutely. But, let’s not let them distract us from the reason we come to Church.

Be the Men,


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