So, what actually IS the oldest trick in the book?

I don’t even know where you would verify this, but many can agree that a contender for the oldest trick is the “point and then do something when they look away” trick.

It’s distraction. You look at one thing, and miss another thing.

Here’s a real-world application of it. Most of us have at least heard of a stun grenade, or a flashbang grenade. It’s a non-lethal grenade that emits a flash of blinding light to disorient your enemy’s senses. The light distracts and disorients.

Now, here’s a thought – is it possible that the Devil is trying to keep us away from God by distracting us? Flooding our eyes and ears with lights, pictures, noise, and ringtones to distract us from Truth?

Safe to say, yes.

And, it’s working. Not only are we distracted by the flash bang, we’ve become accustomed to it. Heck, if we don’t have WiFi we go into withdrawal. The blinding light has become our normal.

Once you figure out the trick, it loses its magic. The problem is that a lot of people don’t realize they’ve been fooled. For us, we must recognize that these distractions keep us from God, and that they’re part of the Devil’s plan. Then, we can see through the smoke and mirrors.

As they saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”


Be the Men.

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