There’s an old Scandinavian proverb that goes: The north wind made the Vikings.

The Vikings were known for their ferocity and strength, something credited to living in the harsh conditions of the north, and especially the cold wind coming from the Arctic. In other words, their strength grew in the face of opposition.

So too, in our own lives. We may not suffer the same icy gales, but we do face our own resistance, both physically and spiritually.

And, this is necessary. Particularly, in our pursuit of virtue, we must face vice.

We only become patient when faced with or tempted by impatience. We only become courageous in the face of fear.

And do to this we must be aware of the resistance, we must be aware of when we are experiencing opposition. We can even go so far as to anticipate those times, and prepare for them. Not so they can be avoided but so that we can seize the opportunity.

We must recognize the north wind and not shy from it, but face it, and thus grow stronger.

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