Yesterday, I had the chance to catch up with an old friend. In the course of our conversation, he used the expression, natural virtue. It caught me a little off guard. I don’t know if I have ever heard that expression, much less ever thought about it.

As Catholic men, we strive to be more virtuous. We want to grow in virtue, creating new habits that help us in our pursuit of sanctity. In this process, we tend to pay attention to our weaknesses, where we fall short, those virtues that are difficult for us (Confession holds us accountable here). But, we often overlook those virtues that come ‘easy’ to us.

Further, those virtues that are difficult for some of us, might be easy for others. For example, I might have a natural predisposition for honesty, but you’re more naturally courageous, etc.

For today, let’s give some time to meditate on our strengths, on those virtues that come naturally to us. And, lean into them. Recognize that raw talent and hone it.

If you’re really up for it, ask your family, friends, or spouse what they think. What virtues and strengths do you see in me? 

Be the Men.

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