Have you noticed that in recent years, the world has gone insane?

You know what I am talking about.

Unicorn Frappuccinos, tacos where the chicken IS the tortilla, Thunder Snow, etc.

It seems like everyone is in a contest to see who can push the envelope the furthest and get away with it (and not just when it comes to food or the weather).

We live in a culture of more, more, more. If I can only have more, then I will be happy. But when our happiness and fulfillment is dependent on having, we’ll never be satisfied.

Thus, we’ll continue searching for more. And, if what we currently have isn’t good enough, someone will try to offer us something else that might make us happy. We’ve reached the point where that ‘something else’ is more extreme and bizarre. Our culture has fallen into the trap of thinking it’s the ‘latest’ that must be the ‘greatest,’ regardless of what the ‘latest’ actually is.

There are two issues at play here. One, where do we find fulfillment? Trying to fill an infinite hole with finite things just won’t work.

Two, how do we view tradition? As a consequence of this ‘pushing of the envelope’, the ‘traditional’ is viewed as backwards or negative. Unfortunately in many cases, tradition even becomes the enemy.

At the roots of our Church is tradition – a rich tradition of truth and goodness. It’s our job to defend it, uphold it, and to pass it on. And, it’s a job that we must actively take on in our families, our communities, and our country.

Be the Men.

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