Throughout scripture, Christ’s actions and words teach us many lessons. One of those lessons is the importance of embracing the hidden life.

While on earth, Christ willed to veil His divinity behind His humanity, only revealing Himself at certain times during his public ministry. And even when He revealed His greatness, through healing, raising someone from the dead, driving out demons, or even at the Transfiguration, He instructed those present to tell no one… until His time has come.

Several scripture passages reflect this teaching:

“When you pray, enter your chamber and shut the door.”

“When you fast, anoint your head and wash your face.”

“When you give alms, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” Matthew 6:1-18

When we do these things to be seen by other men, we “have received our reward.

The importance of the hidden life comes down to whose love are we seeking: men’s or God’s? (Hint: God’s). But, this is difficult. We all want to be praised and recognized for our works. Even when we secretly do something special for someone, we can’t help but feel the urge to blurt out, “IT WAS ME!”

And, that’s where we see, practicing the hidden life isn’t really the hard part – it’s remaining in the hidden life. It’s patiently, humbly waiting hidden and silent for our reward, in Heaven. The Father who sees in secret, will reward you in secret.

Be the Men.

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