Often times, living our faith can feel like simply following a set of rules. Here’s a list of do’s and don’t’s, with little feeling or passion really attached. And, that’s just the reality — sometimes we won’t feel on fire, we won’t feel God’s presence, etc. In these times of dryness, we rely on our wills to continue moving forward. 

And, that kind of brute force of the will can leave us worn out. 

But, what we often forget amidst our labor and toil is that the harvest is coming. 
I’m no farmer, but I know enough that there are some do’s and don’t’s to farming or gardening. 

And, when you’re new to it, or you’re still learning, it can feel restrictive — ‘why do I have to do this, why can’t I do that, etc.’ 

But, these rules guide us to a bountiful harvest. And the same is true for our spiritual life. There will be fruits of our labor, even if we don’t see them until the end of our life. 

The harvest will come. Have faith and hope.

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