One of my favorite books is the Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. I first read it in college, and have reread it a number of times over the years since.

I wanted to share one particular quote from the book. Here’s the context – two former friends are conversing in the foothills of Heaven. One friend (the speaker) is a resident of Heaven, and the other is visiting from Purgatory.

“Once you knew what inquiry was for. There was a time when you asked questions because you wanted answers, and were glad when you had found them. Become that child again: even now… Thirst was made for water; inquiry for truth.” 

The visitor from Purgatory is trying to make the point that there is no final answer. That the ‘pursuit of answers’ supersedes the actual finding of those answers. Of course, the irony is that he’s standing in the “land not of questions but of answers.”

Asking questions is a good thing – an exercise of our intellect. But, we should also remember that we ask questions not for the sake of asking them but to actually learn the truth.

And when it comes to our faith in Christ, there are two ways to view truth. We can come to know the truth about Jesus, but it doesn’t stop there. We must strive to know Jesus, who is Truth Himself.

I once heard someone say that we know more about Jesus than the apostles did. The big difference is that they knew Jesus. They lived with Him, ate with Him, talked with Him. He was a part of their lives, and He should be a part of ours too.

Questions are made for answers. Seek to know the Truth.

Be the Men.

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