We are three days away from Christmas. Many people are scrambling buying presents, wrapping them, planning the meals, worrying about whos coming into town, or where everyone is going for Christmas dinner.

During these final days before Christmas, the stress can run high. Not only for us, but for our families: our wives, our kids, our mothers, and fathers.

In these next three days, take every chance to simply Stop.

This weekend, take the time to pause…

Look beyond the gifts, the decorations, the food etc. Remind ourselves and our loved ones of what’s most important.

Say an extra prayer, smile a little more, hug your loved ones a little bit longer.

It’s a season of joy. It’s okay if the presents aren’t wrapped, or if dinner is later than planned.

Be thankful for those in our lives whom we get to celebrate this special time with.

In three days, we remember and celebrate the Gift of all Gifts. Don’t let ourselves or our loved ones lose sight of that.


Be the Men.

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