A few days ago, I heard a short quote by Thomas Merton: “Courage comes and goes.  Hold on for the next supply.

It got me thinking about courage – in my own life, and in our world.

Growing up, I watched all the action and superhero movies, heard all of the stories. Like any young man, my heart was drawn to courageous heroes, and daydreamed of being one.

And, now I’m grown up, and I’ve never had to run into a burning building, or dive into icy waters, or take a bullet. I’ve never found myself in that situation. Some professions, like our military or firemen, require courage as a prerequisite. But, I sit at a computer all day.

As men, we’re called to live courageously, to embrace the virtue of fortitude. But, where is courage in the humdrum of everyday life so many of us experience?

It can be discouraging.  But, we can learn from the men and women who do courageously risk their physical health and lives on a daily basis.

And, it boils down to this. Those true heroes, not the spandex wearing kind, are courageous not because they do what they want, (anyone can do that). But, because they do what they ought. 

And for all of us, that’s the call to courage in our lives. The courage to speak the truth, to live the truth – even when it’s easier not to, when it’s not what we ‘want,’ when it’s simply the right thing to do.


Be the Men,


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