“O my God, You make me realize how far I must descend in order that my heart may serve as a dwelling-place for You… O sweet, divine Guest, You know my misery; that is why You come to me in the hope of finding an empty tabernacle, a heart wholly emptied of self. This is all you ask.” – St. Therese of the Child Jesus

Our pride wants to ascend, but the path of humility requires that we descend. We must fight against the current of our pride, and wade upstream.

God knows our lowliness (obviously), and humility lets us to see ourselves more like how God sees us. God knows that we need Him, it is us who must realize this truth.

And here’s where the wonderful image of an empty tabernacle enlightens the path of humility. Embracing our dependence on God and clearing house in our souls to make room for Him.

It is in emptying of self that we hope to become dwelling places for the Lord.

This is all you ask.”

Be the Men.

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