Easter, similar to Christmas, can become secularized – with the Easter bunny, eggs, chocolates, and pastel colors (cue eye roll). As a result, the spirit of the season is lost. Instead of it being the Good News, the world chalks it up as old news. It becomes dull, or impotent.

But, as Catholics, this is the furthest thing from the truth. The Easter story was, is, and will continue to be the greatest story ever told.

As we continue this Easter celebration, check out this podcast by Bishop Barron. It’s 15 minutes long, taken from one of his homilies. He does a fantastic job reinvigorating and reenergizing us for this season.

As a bit of a preview – the Bishop explains why the Easter story is different from all other stories and what it really meant to proclaim the Good News in the First century and what it means today. Enjoy!

WOF 121: The Impossibly Good News of Easter

Be the Men.

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