As humans, we have the unique ability to exercise free will. This power can be used for our eternal benefit, or for our eternal demise.

Every day, we must use our free will to make decisions. Often, we may think that our decisions are isolated instances, but in reality, each decision we make fits into the single decision of our life.

For the years we walk this earth, we have one choice – God or self? 

The source of most of our problems and sins is pride – belief that we are stronger, smarter, more independent and self sufficient than we really are. A prideful person sees no need for God.

The virtue of humility opposes pride. Through humility, we see ourselves rightly ordered in creation. We see our weakness, and thus our dependence on God.

The entry point to a life of humility is gratitude. Giving thanks for the gifts God has given us. Yes, we all have our crosses to bear, our struggles, our sufferings. But, if you’re reading this, at the very least, you have the gift of life, the gift of intelligence, the ability to think and reason.

And chances are, that’s barely scratching the surface.

Be thankful. Be humble. Be the Men.

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