Lent’s not a one-and-done kind of thing.

We’ve gone about 40 days on this journey – purging ourselves of what keeps us from Christ, and embracing the things that draw us closer to Him.

When we view Lent in these terms, we see that our Lenten mission doesn’t stop with Easter Sunday.

Throughout our lives, we are called to reject sin, detach from worldly things, and choose Christ. Right now, we have momentum, the ball is in our court.

We have a choice – keep pushing forward or turn back. What will we do?

Easter Sunday is a celebration – it’s a feast! But, it’s not an excuse to go back to our old ways. We have momentum. Let’s take what we’ve learned this Lent and continue to grow in virtue and sanctity.

Take some time today and the rest of this week to reflect on this Lent. What went well? What was challenging? How are we different now? What changes have we made that we want to keep doing? Even go so far as to write down a post-Lent game plan.

Remember: Prayer, Sacrifice, and Almsgiving should be a part of our daily lives no matter the season.

Be the Men.

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