In life, we often come across “miracle-(blank)” – miracle drugs, miracle diets, miracle cures, etc.

There’s something that we want that we’re promised we can get with X, Y, or Z. And, most of the time, if it doesn’t cost too much, or isn’t super risky, we’re willing to try it.

Hey, I want to be healthier, I’ll drink Lemon water mixed with Himalayan salt before I eat my goji berries.

It’s simple – as humans, we have a desire to be better, and if we find something that gives us a chance to be better, I think most of us would take it.

Now, let’s turn to our faith. Faith in Jesus Christ offers us so much more than simply being better, it offers us the chance to live forever. Think back to yesterday’s email – what do we want from our Church: Eternal life.

Isn’t that worth the cost? Isn’t that the pearl of great price or the treasure in the field that we should be willing to sell all in order to possess?

Aside from Eternal life, even at a basic level, if faith makes us a better person – isn’t that also worth the cost? As Catholics, we know this. We know that the Church and our faith makes us better. Let us be joyful witnesses to that truth.


Be the Men,



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