With work, there’s a principle that I try to follow called the Big Three.

Every day, we seem to have an always growing, never ending list of to do’s. And, we can fall into the trap of starting each day looking at this list, and knowing that we’ll never get it all done today. It’s daunting.

The idea of the Big Three is that every day, you simply pick the three most important things that need to get done. The three things that if you do accomplish them, you are satisfied that your work is progressing forward.

We can take a similar approach with our whole lives. We can ask ourselves – not just what are the Big Three for work, but what are the Big Three for my life,  what are the three truly most important things to do today?

This concept can help us to keep things in perspective.

The most important things in our lives are the ones that bring ourselves and those we love closer to God. That could be prayer, going to Mass, (giving our spouse time to pray or go to Mass), spending quality time with our kids, taking time to listen to a friend in need.

These are the ‘tasks’ that can have profound impacts in our lives and the lives of those around us. But, when we treat them as just another line item or another checkbox, they’ll often go unchecked.

Let’s be honest here, on our list of things to do – prayer and mowing the grass do not carry equal weight. It’s as easy as that.


Be the Men,


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