Have you ever thought about the best version of yourself?

It’s an idea that Matthew Kelly (Catholic author and speaker from Australia), talks about a lot.

And, by versions of ourselves, we’re not talking about some Sci-Fi, alternate reality kind of thing. Every decision we make shapes who we are. And, when we are faced with a decision, choosing one thing over another, reforms the version of ourselves – good or bad. It seems to follow then that if we could make a decision that leads to a better or worse version of us, then there must be a “best” version.

It’s simple yet profound. At times, it can seem so abstract – asking ourselves who is the best version of me? But, it might be easier to ask – what kind of things does the best version of ourselves do?

Today, let’s ask ourselves “Who is the best version of me and what does he do?”


Be the Men.

Matthew Kelly is a fantastic resource – he has tons of CDs, books, and more. A lot of his stuff is on the stands in the lobbies of churches. He is unbelievably gifted at nailing things right on the head. You can browse https://dynamiccatholic.com/ for more info.

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