In reading Scripture and studying the Church, we often focus on the good guys – Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Apostles, the Saints, etc. But, there are many lessons to learn from the bad guys (or the not-so-good-guys).   

People like the Innkeeper in Bethlehem, the rich man who had many possessions, and of course figures like Pilate and Judas. 

I think sometimes we tend to gloss over these people. We think – ‘Oh man, I would never do what (fill-in-the-blank) did. I would have resisted temptation, I would have defended Jesus, I would have acted with Charity.’

But take a step back. How often are we like the Innkeeper not making room for Christ in our lives?

Or, like the rich man choosing material wealth over spiritual treasure? 

Or, Pilate refusing to stand up for Christ against a hostile crowd?

Or, Judas turning our backs on the Lord?

We often face the same trials that these men faced. Our success or failure may not be recorded in human history, but it will be recorded in Divine history. By the grace of God, let us persevere. 

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