In life, we’re called to say no to certain things, so we can say yes to bigger things.

We live in a culture where everything is at our fingertips, and in so much excess. Food, Sex, Material possessions, Alcohol, Technology, etc. Denying yourself seems to be an idea very foreign to America.

Why is saying no so important? If we can’t say no to something, we are a slave to it. Just think of the reality shows about people addicted to any of the above: Food, Sex, Material possessions, etc. They are slaves. And, that’s not meant to be derogatory or offensive, it’s the truth – they can’t say no.

What do we have trouble saying no to? And, how often is it something that we know is wrong or bad for us, and we still can’t say no. We’ll never be perfect in this life, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be better.

So, our challenge this week is to deny ourselves. Everyday, deny yourself one thing – no matter how small or big. Your morning cup of coffee. The donuts a coworker brought in. That piece of candy at the front desk. A beer with dinner.

It must be something that you want and that you normally would do. The only reason you aren’t indulging is because you are simply saying no. There are a couple ways to approach it: it can either be premeditated (I’m skipping my coffee tomorrow) or on the spot (slowly taking your hand off the cookie jar).

It comes down to self control, and the strength to say no. A strong man can control his passions. A weak man lets his passions control him.

Be the Men.