Despite what many might tell you, Black Friday doesn’t kick off the Christmas season. It started yesterday with the first Sunday of Advent.

For a lot of us, it’s really hard to find the real meaning of Christmas. It seems like December rolls around, then bam! It’s Christmas eve, we’re scrambling to finish shopping. And, before we know it, Christmas has come and gone and we barely thought about the true meaning of it all.

It’s such a big deal secularly, that the spiritual importance is lost in the shuffle.

The good news is that it’s only December 3rd. We’ve got time. But, we have to make effort to make this year different.

So, first, we’ve got a recommendation. Matthew Kelly has a program called the Best Advent Ever. You can check it out here > He sends out daily videos to help us slow down and focus on what matters most during this busy season. They’re short and sweet, and even if you just catch a couple, it can have a big impact for your Christmas.

Secondly, for our Be the Men challenge this week (and this Advent season), we’ve got a quote.

“Man finds himself only by making himself a sincere gift to others” – JPII

In this season of giving, let’s give more and more of ourselves, whether that’s giving our time, treasure, or talents. In doing so, we can shed light on the meaning of Christmas, and maybe even the meaning for our lives.


Be the Men.