Often times, it’s the simple questions, when addressed in our heart, that lead us to profound answers.

Whether in our personal faith or in the faith lives of friends and family, it can be helpful to start small. Many times, it’s not smacking someone over the head with a logical argument that converts their heart, but small nudges down the path to true faith.

Here’s an example.

Do we believe in the soul – that we are more than flesh and blood?

Do we believe in the afterlife – that there’s more than just this life?

Do we believe in true human freedom – the power to choose or not choose anything, even God?

These questions are common for many to already agree with, regardless of faith or creed.

But, these simple questions have massive implications.

These questions bring us to Heaven, Hell, Judgment. They help us come to realize that the act of our will, the decisions we make, have eternal consequences. Our choices affect our souls’ eternal residence. If our decisions didn’t have consequences, then we wouldn’t have the power to affect the outcome. We wouldn’t have true freedom.

An eternal soul with the ability to choose or not choose God – that’s what we are, that’s the power we have. In many ways, it’s an amazing yet terrible authority we’ve been given.

Our choices have consequences, big ones.


Be the Men,


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