Many of us, at some point in our lives, fall into the line of thinking that faith is a series of unrelated do’s and don’t’s. We see what we believe as a bunch of confused facts instead of ‘a symphony of beauty, truth, and meaning’ (Archbishop Chaput’s words).

But, how often do we really see, feel, or believe that when it comes to the faith.

A symphony requires a full orchestra working together – weaving “seemingly” unrelated notes and chords from different instruments into a beautiful tapestry of sound.

But, it takes a trained ear to truly appreciate the beauty.

How can we attune our ears to the symphony of beauty, truth, and meaning that is the faith?

I’m no musician, but I’d bet that it’s the same for music as for faith: study and practice.

Study for us is asking questions and seeking answers. All of us have questions about why we believe what we believe. And chances are, we’re not the first to have that question. Seek out answers. Learn and grow.

Secondly, practice. The faith is not something that we only believe, but something that we live. We experience it. And in order for our faith to take on new life, we need to practice more than one hour every Sunday.

In time, we begin to see our faith as more than rules, but as a symphony of truths, beautifully connected in deep meaning.


Be the Men.