Most nights, there’s a moment in our house. Right after our kids are in bed, my wife and I take a deep breath, and say something like, “We did it. Survived another day.”

For many of us, each day feels like this. Between our jobs, families, chores, yardwork, hobbies, etc. – we fill our days with so much, that we struggle just to keep our heads above water. (Not to mention develop any sort of prayer or faith life.) It’s hard enough just making sure we get our work done, walk the dog, feed the kids, and mow the lawn.

The problem is that each new day is not something that we must endure or suffer through. It’s a gift – a new opportunity to live our lives to the fullest, to love deeply, to do God’s will.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m reading He Leadeth Me, written by a priest who spent 23 years in Soviet prisons and Siberian work camps. From a man who was truly trying to survive each day, I want to share how he came to see his days.

Each day to me should be more than an obstacle to be gotten over, a span of time to be endured, a sequence of hours to be survived. For me, each day came forth from the hand of God newly created and alive with opportunities to do his will. For me, each day was a series of moments and incidents to be offered back to God., to be consecrated and returned in total dedication to his will. That was what my priesthood demanded of me, as it demanded of every Christian.

Again, coming from a man who spent his days where men were literally worked to death.

Let us accept this day and every day as a true gift from God, an opportunity to love, to flourish, to glorify the Lord in all we do.

Be the Men,


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