“Do you believe that it is of little importance for a soul who is easily distracted, to understand this truth (that God is in it), and to know that, in order to speak with its heavenly Father and to enjoy His company, it does not have to go up to heaven or even raise its voice? No matter how softly it speaks, He always hears it, because He is so near. It does not need wings to go to contemplate Him in itself” St. Teresa of Avila

As a culture, we’re pretty easily distracted. Our attention spans are at record lows (not a real statistic). We’re almost trained to go from one thing to the next.

In our pursuit of God, we sometimes take a similar approach. Bouncing from place to place, prayer to prayer, book to book, in search for Him.

But, St Teresa reminds us that to encounter God, to converse with Him – we recollect Him inward, in our own souls.

The difficulty is that we’re bombarded with noise today. So much that sometimes it’s hard to even think. We must push back and reclaim the silence.

Our days are filled with busyness, distractions, feeling rushed and preoccupied. We must remind ourselves to slow down, take a minute. Find time during the day to engage the silence. Plunge the stillness and depths of our soul. Pray. No matter what we’re doing, remember the presence of God within us. Retreat inward to the dwelling place of the Lord.

Be still. Be silent.

Be the Men.

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