Everyone enjoys a good movie. Heroes, villains, a plot with twists and turns. But, just because we think a movie is good (in that we enjoy it), that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for us.

We’ve talked before about the importance of consuming quality content – exposing our eyes and ears to images and messages that uplift us. We want to ‘eat wholesome foods’ that nourish our minds and souls.

Certain movies are pretty easily called out as garbage for our souls (think gruesome horrors or raunchy comedies). But, what about Superman? Star Wars? The Avengers?

Do these movies deepen our faith or strengthen our relationship with Christ?

The answer isn’t super cut and dry.

Is simply watching the Justice League going to strengthen your faith – no. But, the way that we approach these movies can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, about humanity, and possibly about Christ.

Dr. James Papandrea recently released a book all about this topic titled, “From Star Wars to Superman: Christ Figures in Science Fiction and Superhero Films.

To promote the book, he’s been interviewed by Catholic Answers and Word On Fire (check out links below).

Catholic Answers (podcast)

Word on Fire (article)

Here’s an excerpt from his Word on Fire interview:

“Christology is how we answer Jesus’ question, “Who do you say that I am?” And most hero stories offer up a “savior” who is some version of a Christ-figure. What I’m looking at in this book is how the writers and creators of these shows would answer Jesus’ question about their own heroes. So, in terms of the quality of christology that we find in these stories, it’s all over the map. Many times we are presented with stories that teach a version of christology and salvation that would mislead us if we took it as truth. And that’s really what the book is about – knowing what to look for in these stories so that you can go in with your eyes open and not simply enjoy, but also analyze and critique these stories.”

Be the Men.

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