Yesterday, we talked about the Case for Christ. Like the author, each of us is on a journey of discovering our Faith. We are constantly searching, collecting evidence, drawing conclusions, etc. It’s a lifelong process.

And, we are all at different stages. Evidence that convinces us won’t necessarily convince John Smith down the street.

But, the goal of this journey of discovery isn’t to convince the world of the truth in Jesus Christ. We are first trying to convince ourselves to ultimately change the way we live. Only then, can the light of faith and truth shine for others to see.

So for that first step of drawing conclusions for ourselves, the question is ‘what’s our standard of proof?’

The U.S. legal system has two standards of proof – the preponderance of the evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words, there’s greater than 50% likelihood or closer to 100% likelihood someone’s guilty.

Sometimes with faith, we take the 100% approach. We feel that we must be 100% convinced, then we’ll change the way we live. But, at 51% or even 5%, we’re recognizing that something is there.

We need to take a hard look at what we believe and what we hold to be true. Even if it’s only a sliver of evidence, we must cling to it. It probably means we are onto something.


Be the Men.

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