A few days ago, I came across this line in my prayer book. It’s not some quotable one liner like we sometimes have, but it’s never the less important for us.

“Let us first consider the activity which is so closely connected with the spiritual life and which consists in trying to carry out, in the course of the day, the prayerful resolutions made daily, and also during our annual retreats, our monthly days of recollections, and our weekly confessions.” 

For myself, I certainly aim to pray daily and get to confession monthly, but I haven’t thought of activity of the spiritual life in this particular context. Making resolutions and carrying out those resolutions daily. To the author, it’s a given that we’re praying daily, confessing weekly, recollecting monthly, and making annual retreats. 

It’s a reminder that we don’t just blindly walk the path each day, hoping we’re going in the right direction.

We need to be intentional about checking in and making resolutions. Assessing where we are, reflecting on how far we’ve come and looking toward where we’re going. This is done when we take a step back from our daily lives and remove our noses from the grindstone. Then, we can do a little recon. 

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