Many times, sin isn’t something that just happens. Like we’re walking along, and boom, we sin. It’s often a process, building up over time.

And, sometimes the process is very slow moving. Temptation wears us down, slowly, slowly, until our deep weakness manifests.

A week prior we might have been on fire with the faith, and now we’re hanging on the precipice of sin, and barely have the strength to hold on.

Of course in those moments, we should hold on with every bit of strength we have, but we also need to take a step back and ask how we got into that situation. Where did that path start, where did the process begin?

Maybe, last week we watched a movie that we probably shouldn’t have. Or, had one beer more than normal. Or, decided to hop on Instagram late at night. These things might not be bad in themselves, but they can be the catalyst that sends us spiraling. And, one of these instigators might not affect you like it affects me, and vice versa.

But, we must be aware of these catalysts are (some of us can probably name them already).

Once we are aware, when we see them coming, nip them in the bud.

It’s easier to stamp out sin when it’s only an ember.


Be the Men,


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