One of my most frequent prayers is ‘Lord, give me strength.’ 

We all have too much to do. The effort required to be a good person, employee, husband, father, citizen, not to mention a Saint – is too much. We can’t handle it… on our own.

Whether we like to admit it or not – we are weak creatures, we need help.

As men, we are called to be providers, protectors, and spiritual leaders. We can’t just phone that in or halfass it. Then, where can we turn for strength? Where can we go to be refreshed and renewed?

The short answer… God. But, each of us may encounter God differently – in prayer, in the sacraments – in the Eucharist, Confession – the Rosary, Scripture. Or, in friendship, brotherhood, or serving others.

These are all beautiful gifts – given to help us on our journey.

Take a bit of time today and reflect on this question. Where do we go to strengthen our faith lives? Let it become the wellspring for our faith. And, go back as often as we can.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come. 

Be the Men.

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